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OutReach™ is a downstream supply chain management solution for enterprises who distribute their product and services through widespread partner network. OutReach extends the visibility of product movement up to the retail outlet, brings in control over their inventory and sales, thus making the supply chain responsive and efficient.




OutReach is a comprehensive downstream supply chain management solution from Ubq. With a local installation at each distributor, it captures each transaction between the distributor and retail outlets (secondary sales). At the central sales portal, stock, sales and related information from the entire distributors’ network is collated, allowing the management to do analysis using the built-in Business Intelligence tool.

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OutReach Lite is a light-weight solution recommended in situations where the implementation of a complete Distributorship Management System like OutReach Enterprise at every distributor is not cost effective/feasible. It is used for tracking stock and sales of distributors from a central location over the Internet.

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